Thermal Shock Chamber

Design & Scope: The TSC is Manufactured designed to meet strict Mil-Std test specifications , which require temperature recovery to be measured in the worst-case product sample.

We are able to place their product inside the product carrier and observe as the product automatically is transferred between two separately controlled temperature zones.

Vertical Orientation- two-zone chamber has hot and cold zones that can be controlled independently. A single basket product carrier moves between the hot and cold zones, subjecting the product to dramatic changes in temperature.

Integrated Circuits (ICs) are commonly tested by Mil-Std 883 1010.7, which requires a full recovery of the worst-case product within ten minutes. This means embedding a thermocouple sensor inside a sample and monitoring it

System : Two zone system with vertical movement of specification .
Temperature Range : -60 + 125 °C .
Working Size : 400 W X 400 D X 400 H. (mm) Two Chamber.
Carriage basket capacity : 300 x 300 x 50 mm h (single basket)
High temp. expose range : above ambient to +150 °C.
Low temp. expose range : -40 -60 °C.
Pre-Heat high limit : + 150 °C.
Temp. heat up rate : 5~10 °C / min. from ambient temp.
Pre-Cool lower limit : - 60 °C.
Temp. Cool down rate : 1 °C / min. from ambient temp.
Temperature recovery time : 5 min.
Temp. Control Accuracy : +/- 0.5 °C
Temp. uniformity : +/- 2 °C
Sensor : RTD pt100 Transition joint temperature sensor, Simplex class A, SS316, 4mm Dia.

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